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Why use Embark Recruitment?

Our goal is to help executives "Get Ahead". When engaging with us, we will discuss your career options, preferred industries and personal goals. We will assist you from preparing for your interview, negotiating your package through to resigning gracefully and making a good start in your new role.

How to Sell Yourself

The normal structure of an interview often follows four stages: a greeting; a chronological review of your experience; questions to establish your suitabilty to the role and lastly, a Q&A session for you to ask your questions. In this context, you will often literally have only a few minutes of "air time" to sell yourself. A meaningful, believable way to promote yourself, is to provide evidence of your past performance that you genuinely believe can contribute to your future success in the role.

Are you familiar with the S T A R technique? Coca-Cola and Colgate Palmolive have used it in the past and it is helpful for interviewees too. Think of 6 or 7 projects you did really well (ideally ones that relate to the position in question). Then think of what you did in this context:

S: Situation What was the situation you found yourself in?
E.g. Sales dropping, tired product range, poor customer retention policy...
T: Task What had to be done?
E.g. Regain market share by invigorating the product range and creating consumer loyalty...
A: Actions What actions did you take? (not someone else!)
E.g. New, profitable product launches, consumer loyalty programme etc
R: Result What was the outcome?
Sales increase by x, market share grew by y, got promoted to z...

Try to tell your "mini story" in under two minutes and spend at least half the time on detailing the actions you took. This will allow you tell a few mini stories that relate to the role. Then all you need to do is to take in a post-it note with your titles of the 6-7 stories you would like to share.

Good luck!


We know that our reputation depends upon maintaining confidentiality. Furthermore, your privacy is important to us. Your CV and personal information will only be reviewed by Embark Recruitment staff, and it will neither be passed on to any other companies nor sent to prospective employers without your express approval. Due to the large number of applications, responding individually is often impractical. You will receive an automated confirmation of your CV submission. When a role arises that is worth bringing to your attention, one of our consultants will discreetly contact you.

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